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Thirty years old, with a college degree and some solid work experience behind me, I thought I had it made.  I was the picture of success, right?

Until I found myself homeless and sleeping in the streets and alleyways of California, badly addicted to alcohol, depressed, and suicidal. In fact, I did try to kill myself. Twice. After the second thankfully unsuccessful attempt, I was found by cops, passed out on the sidewalk, and was hospitalized. But it was while I was confined there, detoxing for 14 long days, that I was able to really do some soul-searching and seek out my purpose in life. When I was ready to leave the hospital, I was forced to admit I had nowhere to go. A shelter was offered and although I was hesitant, I knew that I absolutely could not go back to the streets again.

The next six months at that shelter gave me the space and time to reevaluate my life and to seek out what God wanted me to do next. I had found a church that was walking distance away, and this was pivotal in enabling me to change who I was from the inside out, and to form the strong foundation I needed.

Through the grace and love of God, I was able to get another chance at life. Actually, it is because of His grace that I stand here today. As I introduce Victoryas Clothing to the world, it is my way of showing each and every one of you that no matter what you are going through in life that you too, can be Victoryas.